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Dum spiro, spero - While I breathe, I hope
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The elements of the Legends of the Rohirrim are former knights of the War of the Ring.

The armies of Rohan were almost exclusively horsemen, divided into irregular units, which could include up to 2000 riders. Rohan's armies were more of a very well-trained militia called upon in times of war, with the actual standing army relatively small.     

At the time of the War of the Ring, Rohan was roughly a third the size of Gondor, whose borders had slowly been shrinking for centuries. The War of the Ring was fought between Sauron and the free peoples of Middle-earth for control of the One Ring and dominion over the continent. The War of the Ring took place at the end of the Third Age. During the War of the Ring, manythousands of Men of Rohan and Gondor were killed. The overall number of combatants in the war is estimated to be over a million, tens of thousands from the side of the Free Peoples and hundreds of thousands from the armies and navies of those loyal to the Enemy. The war also heralded the decline of the Elves' power in Middle-earth, the rise of Men in the West, the restoration of the King of Gondor and Arnor and the start of the Fourth Age


The rule of the Stewards of Gondor was then over. King Éomer and the new king of Gondor, Elessar, renewed their oath of alliance, and reaffirmed Cirion's grant of Calenardhon to the Rohirrim. At this time, Éowyn marries Faramir, Prince of Ithilien and Steward of Gondor, thus joining the lines of Gondor and Rohan.
In the Fourth Age, Rohan remained in peaceful coexistence with the Reunited Kingdom. It became the site of routes where Elves migrated from their eastern kingdoms to Lindon to leave Middle-earth. A few remained behind to help in the reconstruction of Rohan. A Dwarven community developed in the caves of Helm's Deep, which became prosperous from its mining of precious materials.
To protect trade routes and the journey of new settlers to the Reunited Kingdom was established an order of brave Rohirrim former knights of the War of the Ring. This order was originally composed by the race of men but they had several problems to intervene and help dwarves, hobbits and elves who did not trust men. Then the Order of The Legends of the Rohirrim found himself in need to join its hierarchy the various races of the Middle-earth.
Thus, the order thrived and succeeded in maintaining the security of the kingdoms of Rohan and Gondor. Shortly thereafter with the confidence of the various races of the Middle-earth placed in them, they extended the assistance to the four corners of Middle-earth.
The achievements of the elements of the Order of the Legends of the Rohirrim are sung by virtuous bards in all places of Middle-earth.
The chain of Evil has split, however, there remains a possibility that a new Sauron will come. And us kinship of the Legends of the Rohirrim will be ready expecting him.

 “The Lord of the Rings” story is full of fantasy, which is based on mythological and historical traditions with a grain of magic. “The Lord of the Rings” is not only a tale of enthralling adventures and mythical beings, but it also touches upon some questions of philosophy and morality. Heroic deeds, the unity for the sake of a common cause, true love, the triumph of Good over Evil. Rivendell and Lorien, which are the strongholds of Good, in contrast Mordor is an abode of Evil.
Hard life in Middle-earth during the War of the Ring reflects hard life in reality. We has to believe that countless armies do not always decide the outcome of the battle, and that only one can conquer alone. The struggle with different personifications of Evil is eternal. The War of the Ring is a small part of this struggle. But Evil has always been and will remain in Middle-earth as well as in real life. “The Lord of the Rings” teaches us to be humane, to follow the principles of valour and moral. It is both sympathy and humanity that prevent Bilbo from killing Gollum, who played a crucial role in the destroying of the Ring. Good is not revengeful. It strives to get justice and will never shoot an arrow into the back of the Enemy. We cannot say that everything ends extremely well. Old wounds won’t leave us in peace like Frodo.             
Guild News

Legends of the Rohirrim Kinship Regulation, compiled by the Council of Officers

Brynley, Jul 28, 12 12:45 PM.

1 - Loyalty to our kinship above all, is not allowed to add chars to other kinships.

2 - Don't steal anything from other players;

3 - When in group don't be selfish, only roll what you need and if you already have it, pass. You have a chance that it will work the other way around;

4 - When in group doing a quest don't leave just after you finish it. Sometimes people might join to help you and it would be nice to ask them if they need a help with something as well;

5 - If you are looking for a fellowship ask first to kin, they may have the same quest to do. Sometimes they may have a quest before (if quest line) and it is worthy to help them;

6 - Always work for kin benefit;

7 - Kin new members always need help, try help in what you can. Later he will be able to help you to.

-= The non-observance the commandments of the kinship is likely to result in the infracto dismiss from the kinship. =-
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